About anpu


In the course of her musical journey,
anpu has been of great impact to her audience,
delivering the voice of her time.

Having wowed everyone with the profoundness of her work,
anpu is now considered one of the most influential alternative musical artists
of this generation, in the music scene of her own town.

With four albums released under the name Deserts Xuan in her earlier days
zas an alternative singer-songwriter,
anpu was repeatedly reviewed as Best Songwriter, Best Album,
Best Producer, Best Recording and Song
of the Year,
while receiving different awards in both the Chinese and Taiwanese music industries.

Not only did her solo performances receive full-house responses everywhere on
her world tour with her band Algae, she continuous to be invited to attend
various music festivals.

anpu announced that she would cease all commercial gigs for the next coming
three years after her 2015 solo concert at K-Arena in Taiwan, in preparation for
her first book and the next music album.
She now also continues to explore and push the boundaries of the different
identities she assumes in each field, as a composer, producer, poet
and music director of her concerts.